Saudi activists eye protests, wait for new cabinet | Reuters

“Activists have set up Facebook pages calling for protests on March 11 and 20, with over 17,000 supporters combined, but police managed to stymie two attempts to stage protests in the Red Sea city of Jeddah last month, highlighting the difficulties of such mobilization in the conservative kingdom.”

via Saudi activists eye protests, wait for new cabinet | Reuters.

The al-Saud family plunders Arabia like ever-fatter & ever-more-greedy Parasites, sucking the lifeblood from their unfortunate, declining Host!  Their ill-gotten & accursed Wealth has financed numberless genocidal wars & terrorist atrocities against other Arabs, Muslims & non-Muslims alike, &, at least indirectly, supports the illegitimate Zionist Entity that the al-Saud regime pretends to oppose (but never actually confronts)!  At the same time, their profligate & vainglorious spending on arms & militarism has produced Armed Forces that are the laughing-stock of their Western suppliers & trainers – serving only to further line the pockets of the al-Saud family, through kickbacks & “commissions” – & fit only to repress, terrorize & massacre their fellow countrymen!

It’s time to end the US Puppet al-Saud Reign of Terror & Theft!
#Tyranny #Kleptocracy #Mar11 #Mar20


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