Rage against imperial wars, corporate theft, political oppression, & environmental insanity

from War Is A Crime

The business of America is war on humanity.

The business of Wall Street is grand theft.

The business of corporate America is exploiting nations, markets and people globally for profit.

In America, a criminal government/business conspiracy permits kleptocracy and gangsterism for personal gain.

Concentrated wealth and power more than ever are disproportionate.

Elections are rigged to keep it that way.

America’s democracy is the best money can buy.

Major media scoundrels promote it.

In plain sight in Washington, bipartisan crooks wage war on personal freedoms, democratic values, and general welfare to grab all they can for themselves and corporate partners.

The public be damned. It’s there to be exploited, not helped.

Corruption is the order of the day.

So is war-making – permanent state terrorism against humanity one country at a time or in multiple theaters.

Nothing too outlandish is off the table.

Rule of law standards don’t apply.

Human welfare is irrelevant.

Only concentrated wealth and power matter, regardless of how many corpses and environmental destruction it takes to accumulate both.

With humanity and planet earth up for grabs.

With political Washington bought and paid for to go along with the most scandalous high crimes.

With core democratic values long ago dead and buried.

With martial law and constitutional annulment one major state-sponsored terrorist attack away.

With America long past a fit place to live in, survival depends on sustained committed activism like never before.


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