Israeli Occupation, Colonialism & Apartheid: Crimes Against Humanity

from OpEdNews

International laws prohibiting colonialism and apartheid are “peremptory.” As a result, they’re recognized by the world community as standards permitting no derogation. Every country is legally bound to respect and observe them. They must also:
– work cooperatively to end individual state violations;
– not extend recognition to lawless ones; nor
– provide them aid in any form.

Moreover, international law recognizes:
– Palestinians’ right to self-determination;
– that Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem are illegally occupied;
– that Israel has no sovereignty over these Territories, only an earlier temporary administrative right no longer applicable;
– that land seizures are illegal;
– so is the Separation Wall as the ICJ affirmed in 2004;
– that the 2005 Gaza “disengagement” left Israel in control; that over four years of siege is illegal;
– that, as an Occupying Power, international law obligates Israel to “abide by the….rules of armed conflict (and relevant human rights laws) in its administration of the territories.”


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