Russia & China Prevented Third World War

from Oriental Review

Russia and China are preventing a big war in the Middle East for an obvious reason—if the coalition intervenes in Syrian affairs, that intervention will automatically stretch into a war between Syria and Israel. Nor would Iran remain on the sidelines; it would side with Syria. That would mean the beginning of an unpredictable and protracted military conflict.

A conflict in the Middle East, where the interests of many powers are intertwined and where there are threshold nuclear states, could escalate into a global confrontation. Those currently feeling dizzy from the success of the “Libyan scenario” need to understand that.

The draft resolution rejected by Russia and China was based on a philosophy of confrontation and did not take into account that the Middle East is a real powder keg. It was marked by a one-sided condemnatory bias against Damascus, but it did not address the Syrian opposition, which has also resorted to violence and has even started adopting terrorist methods. The Western states have actually taken matters in Syria to the point where a full-scale ethnic and religious conflict could erupt.


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