Pushing the Envelope for Confrontation with Iran

from WarIsACrime

Washington has many ways to destabilize, weaken and oust regimes. They include provocations, fake accusations, political and economic sanctions, isolation, covert or direct confrontation, and cyberwar, among other tactics in its arsenal of dirty tricks.

All are ruthless ways to advance America’s imperium, no matter what it takes to make it unchallenged globally, including all out general war.

Interviewed on Press TV, US Army Lt. General Anthony Shaffer said an FBI insider told him that Obama officials likely manufactured the plot.

Political scientist Kaveh Afrasiabi said charges will “make a laughing stock of US diplomacy because by all indications (they’re) absurd and baseless and they (won’t) be sustainable.”

He added that sooner or later the whole scheme will unravel. Notably, they follow a familiar “pattern of Iran bashing behavior (by) the United States.”

Ismail Salami said: “Regardless of the impertinence and hollowness of the claim, one should not disregard the influence of” America’s powerful Israeli Lobby “in the new mudslinging campaign.”

It’s part of a longstanding US/Israeli plan to vilify and destabilize Iran. So far, in fact, nothing’s worked, including sanctions countries like Russia, China and others mostly or entirely ignore.


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