Which Bank Is the Worst for America? 5 Behemoths That Hold Our Political System Hostage

from AlterNet

What is clear, any way you slice it, is that the big banks have far too much influence over our politics, and it has enabled them to gain far too much influence over our entire economy.

We are living with the results: real unemployment in the double digits, falling incomes, skyrocketing debt. What can we do about it? With the banks’ deep connections to both parties in Washington, it has long seemed that reining them in is an uphill battle. Yet Wall Street appears to have over-reached, and we’re now seeing the blow-back as tens of thousands of people join the Occupy Movement in cities and towns across the country and across the world. Americans are tired of the reign of the big banks, and they’re coming together to do something about it. People are moving their money to credit unions, they’re fighting to keep families in their homes and they’re taking their anger directly to the Titans of Wall Street. Most importantly, they’re building a people-powered movement to hold the banks accountable, and if history is any guide, once united in a cause, the American people usually win.


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