Citizens United Against Citizens United: A Grassroots Campaign to Restore Democracy

from OpEdNews

With Washington turning its collective back on us, we have three choices: whine, give up, or organize ourselves.

Whining is pathetic, so forget it. Giving up is simply impossible, for the enthronement of corporate money in elections effectively ends any pretension that we are a self-governing people. This is not just another issue, it is central to practically every one of our issues, for it amounts to surrendering our democratic authority to (in Jefferson’s words) “the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations.” The Court and the political elites have forced you and me into another of those “When in the course of human events” moments that Jefferson wrote about in the Declaration. This is a BIG TIME in which ordinary people are called forth by history to do what our “leaders” won’t: Assert the American people’s independence from authoritarian rule by corporate plutocrats.


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