Occupy The Treasury! Reclaim The Monetary System With The NEED Act – HR2990

from OpEdNews

The NEED Act nationalizes the monetary system ~ not the banking system. Serious financial regulations, Wall Street reforms and prosecutions for fraud are still in order. Immediate withdrawal from the World Trade Organization 1999 Financial Services Agreement is a critical prerequisite for reinstating regulations that protect the public. The 1999 WTO FSA mandated massive deregulation of the financial sector in 105 countries and forbids sovereign governments to EVER roll back these destructive mandates. By what authority? Add the unaccountable, unelected WTO tribunal to the list of transnational predators sabotaging financial integrity and monetary sovereignty.

Who wouldn’t want a public monetary system that serves the whole society? The beneficiaries of a debt scheme that siphons off our nation’s resources to finance antisocial pursuits and concentrate wealth in the hands of a few. Their lobbyists will descend on Congress. This bill will die a quiet death in the House Committee on Financial Services and never be brought to the floor for a vote unless we — the 99% – make it visible and demand its passage.

The Occupy Movement has enormous potential to transform the structural inequality built into our monetary, economic and political system. Superficial “reforms” are meaningless. Please devote yourself to building public momentum to demand passage of this bill. If we reach critical mass, we just might “form a more perfect union, establish ECONOMIC justice, ensure domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.’

Restoring sovereign monetary systems worldwide could spark a Global Renaissance .

We must break the power of the 1%, in every way possible, & by any means necessary – the only alternative is serfdom & slavery!


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