Wall Street will ‘occupy’ social media

from Politico

“Relationships are the key to success in this ever changing social and mobile world,” said Snyder. “It is critical for companies to adapt and learn how to listen, connect and help consumers on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where they are living their lives online.”

The day’s agenda reads like a 101 on how corporations can become more in user-friendly: “How Smart Business Are Engaging with Social Media.” “Leading Social Media Trends in Politics and Corporate Strategy.” “Deepening Customer Relations Using LinkedIn.” “Using Social Media to Move the Chains.” “Building Your Personal Brand Online.”

“The bottom has the real power to communicate in a way that these organizations have never had to deal with,” Trippi told POLITICO. “They just don’t structurally get that they don’t have the power they used to have and that’s why you see the Tea party and Occupy Wall Street and other bottom-up kind of movements being able to connect a lot more and challenge your messaging.”

Then, after the Corporations get their asses kicked online, no doubt they’ll tell their ass-licking politicians to attack & repress the social media users who do the ass-kicking!


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