Beyond the Banks: 3 More Ways to Move Your Money Away from Corporations

from AlterNet

Buy Local;
Buy Union-Made;
Buy Green!

Buying local can be as minimal as patronizing your neighborhood coffee shop instead of Starbucks. It keeps money in the local economy, rather than lining the pockets of a CEO. Buying union-made is the difference between investing in a Ford or a Chrysler instead of a Honda or Toyota—and keeps essential manufacturing jobs in the United States. Buying green can be either the decision between two cleaning products, shopping at a farmer’s market instead of a grocery store, or purchasing a bus pass instead of driving to work—it keeps money out of big oil companies and invests in an economy that values environmental health and sustainability over corporate profit.

Those at OccupyWallStreet, OccupyAmerica and OccupyTogether are united by both our demands and our conscience, and understand that a sustainable future is built on the economic justice that has been ignored by big banks and behemoth corporations. As long as we are still caught in their system, it is time that we organize to put our money where our mouths are and invest in a more just economic future.

Boycott Corporations that Exploit their Workers or Suppress Unions, whether at home or abroad;
Boycott Corporations that Offshore or Outsource jobs that can be done in-country;
Boycott Corporations that Damage or Pollute the Environment;
Boycott Corporations that Support Oppression, Exploitation, Land-Thefts, etc., anywhere in the World;
Boycott Corporations that are Bad Neighbours to the Communities where they operate;
Boycott Corporations that Persecute Whistleblowers, Campaigners, Complainers, etc.;
Boycott Corporations that don’t pay their Fair Share of National & Local Taxes;
Boycott Corporations that Overpay their Executives, Brokers, etc., in relation to the rest of their Workforce.
Boycott the Bastards!


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