Why World War III? Destroy The Global Economy, Create A Greater Israel, & Establish A Global Authoritarian Government

from TheExcavator

The new world order banksters and global fascists see global chaos as the gateway to their dream: the world’s acceptance of a global authoritarian government that will be fully owned and controlled by them.

A lot of people naively think that the hijacked U.S. government and the new world order banksters won’t start a world war in the Middle East because they won’t like the economic fallout.

But if you are the ruling elite that has screwed up royally, defrauded hundreds of millions of people, and committed crimes against humanity, what’s not to like about war?

They can make tremendous war profits, use the police state to crush dissent against Wall Street and the government, and transition the world into a new totalitarian dark age after all the bodies are incinerated and/or buried.

World War Three is just what the doctor of death ordered.

Those who love death, war profiteering, mass suffering, violence, chaos, power, and a world fascist government, believe a new world war is good and necessary.

So the freaks and psychopaths in power in America and the West will enjoy this decade of mass death.

I don’t want to leave Israel out of the picture.

What will the maniacs and mass murderers in Tel Aviv gain by attacking Iran and blowing up the whole region? In one word: territory.

Damian Lataan says Israel’s political elite wants to establish a Greater Israel and destroy the Palestinian nationalist movement.


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