As ultra-Orthodox flex muscle, Israel feminists see a backsliding

from LosAngelesTimes

Israeli women say that recently some of their most basic rights have come under attack, including singing and dancing in public, vying for student government positions at a religious college, appearing on billboards in Jerusalem, speaking on a religious radio station and even using the sidewalk during religious celebrations.

Feminists who once thought Israel’s battle for gender equality had been mostly won are warning of a new assault from Israel’s fast-growing ultra-Orthodox community, which is seeking to expand religious-based segregation into the public realm.

“We are going backward and losing all our achievements,” said Rachel Liel, executive director of the New Israel Fund, which advocates for civil rights and equality. “A 21st century democracy is not a place where women sit in the back of the bus.”

The “liberal” West has nurtured – & armed to the teeth with Nuclear warheads & other WMDs – an extremist-Zionist, religio-nationalist, entity, that’s rapidly morphing into something resembling the West’s worst nightmare.  Who says Americans don’t do irony?!


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