Dragons of Greed slain by common man; Think what he could do to the Dragons of War

from MediaMonitorsNetwork

The house of war comes crumbling down when the people get a belly full of being raped, plundered and having their sons, daughters sacrificed and their grandchildren being covered with debt before they are born? The elite of government, like the elite of the business world, have long considered the small account holders as expendable pawns and they are to be used as carelessly as clay pigeons.

The attitudes of those in power are universal having been around since the advent of the first empire. Throughout history the common man, i.e., the slaves, the glorious workers, the King’s men and their wives, the brood-mares for the legions, have paid a heavy price for the flag.

When the flag falls, the dictators and their sycophants usually have a nice place on some friendly foreign shores to wait out eternity and enjoy the interlude with countless millions of absconded loot in the form of gold, silver, dollars, francs, or pesos.

Now, in the United States the limits of complacency must certainly be stretched to the breaking point. When the inevitable happens the wrath of the people will be fearsome in the halls of congress and above. Hordes of politicians will be voted out of office and sent packing. Like empire, revolt against empire is universal as well. And sometimes, empire shoots itself in the foot.

As was shown in the last few weeks, change can be made when the force of the people is applied. Nobody had to tell us when and how to move on the money barons; we knew instinctively that we were being taken for granted and and abused in the wallet with a $5 charge, for nothing.

Pray tell, if we got upset over a $5 fee, why would we want to pay some greedy defense contractor $800 a gallon for diesel fuel to facilitate our sons and daughters being shot at in some foreign country that never attacked us in the first place.

All that is necessary for the 1% to triumph, is for the 99% to do nothing – all that is necessary for the 1% to fail, is for the 99% to Occupy the Moral High Ground!


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