It’s Only Just Begun

from OpEdNews

The necessary regulations that contained and restrained the financial industry came about in 1933 under the Franklin Roosevelt administration and lasted some 60 years before they were undone and completely overturned in 1999 under Bill Clinton. His signing into law the complete deregulation and unmooring of the financial industry solidified its hold during the Bush era and brought about the current gilded age that has yet to be rectified, but has spawned the occupy movement.

No one can predict the eventual outcome of this movement or how the present gilded age will end.

But if history is any guide, when the country endures a great economic dislocation caused by the greedy excesses of the big financial interests and the suffering becomes widespread and intolerable with the injustices, lack of accountability and basic unfairness too great, that gilded age’s reign of impunity will not continue unchallenged. Change will be demanded.

The revolution demanding those changes has just begun.

The 1% have worked for decades to rig the financial, economic & political systems so thoroughly – Occupiers need to be prepared for a long campaign.


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