We Are the Architects of a Revolution that is Here to Stay

from Daily Kos

Our encampments are a physical place for the beginning of the revolution that humanity and this Earth needs to survive.  So long as we continue to meet often, debate, protest, and work for consensus the occupation will go on. We will find new places to gather and we will not be intimidated.

Raiding and closing down Occupy camps only reenforces what protestors have said all along, that people aren’t in charge of their governments. Our governments across the world are doing the bidding of the few and their corruption is on full display as our tents are being scooped up by bulldozers.

Those who have enjoyed unchecked power for decades have good reason be afraid. The occupy movement is stopping the powerful from profiting from putting human health, justice, democracy and equality over a cliff. We are exposing their misdeeds and destroying the myth of trickle down wealth.

It is better to Die Resisting, on our Feet, than to Live in Chains!


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