Smashing Greater Central Asia

from OrientalReview

Obama is trying to overcome Central Asia by either forcing the sitting regimes to change the way that they operate, or, failing that, to change the regimes themselves. Pax Americana has no room for failure, even though all the existing plans are doomed to failure, because of their inherent weaknesses and basic contradictions. No amount of plotting will overcome human nature. All of those leaders can be counted on to protect their own interests. They can all be counted on (with the possible exception of Roza Otunbayeva in Kyrgyzstan), to resist with all the means at their disposal, when they realize that the dangers they are facing from the West will make the Soviets look like a bunch of “old softies.” When they realize that the same malevolent forces which succeeded in dismantling and then replacing the Soviet Union are repeating the same process in the Stans, the reactions will be swift and eventually coordinated.


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